Bowen Kerins
Initials BEK
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WPPR Pts/Rank 450.19 / #1
PARS Rtng/Rank 1554 / #3
Ratings current as of August 15, 2008

Bowen Kerins is a pinball player. He has won many major tournaments and consistently ranks in the top 10 players of the WPPR and PARS rating systems.

Tournament placingsEdit

Tournament Division + placing

Pinburgh 2001 A Division: 3rd
Pinburgh 2002 A Division: 3rd
Pinburgh 2003 A Division: 1st
PAPA 7 A Division: 13th (tie)

Doubles Split-Flipper Mini-Tournament: 1st (w/Roy Wils)
Single-Handed Challenge Mini-Tournament: 1st

PAPA 8 A Division: 1st

Single-Handed Challenge Mini-Tournament: 1st

PAPA 9 A Division: 10th
PAPA 10 A Division: 4th
PAPA 11 A Division: 2nd
IFPA 5 1st

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