Manufacturer Williams
System Williams System 9
Designer Designers: Barry Oursler
Programmers: Bill Pfutzenreuter
Artwork: Python Anghelo
Music / Sound:
Release Date June 1985
Production Run 8,100 (confirmed)

Comet is a pinball machine produced by Williams.


  • This was the first Solid-State pinball game to have a Million Point shot. The voice of the announcer who announces a successful million point shot is Steve Kordek.
  • The Name Comet comes from an amusement park ride at Chicago's Riverview Amusement Park which is now defunct.
  • Brian Dolatowski was the original programmer. After he finished all the rules, Brian left Williams for another job, and Bill "Pfutz" Pfutzenreuter provided a few finishing touches by fixing a few bugs, and added more light shows and flasher effects.

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