Creature from the Black Lagoon
Manufacturer Bally
System Williams WPC (Fliptronics 2)
Designer Designers: John Trudeau
Artwork: Kevin O'Connor
Dots/Animation: Scott Slomiany
Mechanics: Ernie Pizarro
Music / Sound: Paul Heitsch
Software: Jeff Johnson
Release Date December 1992
Production Run 7,841 (approx.)

Creature from the Black Lagoon is a 1992 pinball machine produced by Midway (under the Bally name).


  • Hitting both flipper buttons repeatedly after winning the "Punch the Peeping Tom" video mode will trigger the player punching the peeping tom so hard, it decapitates him. In addition, the word "Fatality" shows up. This is a secret reference to Midway's Mortal Kombat which was just a few months old after being released to the public in August of 1992.
  • This would be the first time Williams would make a pinball game based on the Universal Monsters property. Williams would re-use the Creature from the Black Lagoon for 1998's Monster Bash.

Tournament high scoresEdit

Player Score Tournament + Division Tournament Date(s) Notes
Keith Elwin 2,541,280,070 PAPA 9 - A Division August 17-20, 2006 -
Bowen Kerins 2,250,063,720 PAPA 7 - A Division September 9-12, 2004 -
Zach Sharpe / Lyman Sheats 454,657,530 / 148,176,480 Pinburgh 2003 - B Division / One-Ball Mini-Tournament September 12-14, 2003 -
Stephen Michael Fry 234,245,240 Pinburgh 2002 - C Division June 21-23, 2002 -
Keith Elwin / Steve Lane 3,170,974,310 / 57,522,230 Pinburgh 2001 - A Division // One-Handed Mini-Tournament June 22-24, 2001 -
Paul Madison, Jason Werdrick 378,405,490 Pinburgh 2000 - Split-Flipper Mini-Tournament June 23-25, 2000 -
Robert Chesnavich 269,609,740 PAPA 4 - A Division 1994 -

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