Manufacturer Williams
System Williams WPC
Designer Designers: Pat Lawlor, Larry DeMar
Programmers: Larry DeMar
Artwork: John Youssi
Mechanics: John Krutsch
Music: Chris Granner
Sound: Jon Hey
Release Date November 1990
Production Run 10,750 (approx.)

Funhouse is a pinball machine produced by Williams. The point of the game is to take control of the funhouse by advancing the time to midnight and putting Rudy to sleep. Rudy is happy until 11:30 when his mood changes to unhappy. At Midnight he goes to sleep and snores. Shooting to ball into his mouth for a million points starts Midnight Multiball. The trapdoor opens for 2M. Once scored, shooting the centre ramp opens the trapdoor again for 3M, etc up to 10M or until Midnight Multiball ends.The game also has a Quick Multiball as one of the Mirror awards, a Super Frenzy after collecting all six Mirror awards, and Funhouse Frenzy by hitting the Trapdoor when 'Frenzy' is lit.

Each Rudy hit adds 50K to the end of ball bonus (or an instant 1M during Quick Multiball or if the Million light is lit) and a Rudy gulp while he is talking gives an instant 250k.

This table is included in the compilation video game Pinball Hall of Fame the Williams Collection.

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