GoinNuts pinball

Goin' Nuts Cabinet

Goin' Nuts is a pinball machine made by Gottlieb in February of 1983. It is considered one of the rarest pinball machines ever due to only 10 cabinets being produced.


Goin' Nuts was created by D. Gottlieb & Company in February, 1983. It originally ran on Gottlieb System 80A and was a widebody machine. It supported 4 players simultaneously. The idea for Goin' Nuts was quickly scrapped due to widebody tables becoming more difficult and expensive to produce. Most of the tables were scrapped, except for one which resides today in the Pinball Hall of Fame in Las Vegas.


The Gameplay in Goin' Nuts is very unique compared to other pinball machines. The game doesn't have much for music in-game aside from the opening and closing fanfares. Each ball is launched automatically on a timer and there is no way to maually launch the ball. Each ball starts off with three-ball multiball. The playfield has a series of drop-targets which build up a timer on the backglass. Once one ball is left on the playfield, the timer starts from the number it was during the multiball segment. Once the timer runs out, the ball is over. This idea also partially led to the halting of production due to rounds becoming very long for experienced players. You can earn extra balls (or Squirrels, as dubbed by the game) by hitting the specific group of drop targets that are lit in each round.

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