Manufacturer Bally
System Bally MPU A084-91786-AH06 (6803)
Designer Design: Ward Pemberton
Artwork: Greg Freres
Release Date March 1987
Production Run  ?

Hardbody is a 1987 pinball machine produced by Bally.


  • The woman in the backglass is Rachel McLish who is a female bodybuilder who became the first Ms. Olympia champion.
  • Shortly after Hardbody's public release, a lot of complaints were made due to the scantily clad body builders, so as a result, Bally Wulff (Bally's German Subsidiary) released the game in Europe as Super Sport. While the game is exactly the same as Hard Body, the only modification is the backglass which features the women wearing more gym clothing such as tights and leotards rather than bikinis.

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