Joshua Henderson an up and coming junior pinball wizard from Plainfield, Illinois finished third in this year PAPA tournament held during the week of August 14, 2008 near Pittsburg, PA. Joshua Henderson at age 10, beat Ethan Blonder in the semi-finals play only to lose to Ethan in the finals. Players in the Juniors Division must be no older than 16 years of age, as of the last day of the tournament. After three hours of competitive play, Joshua won a third place award, some cash and a place in the history books at age 10. Joshua has five more years to win this most highly sought after title "Junior World Pinball Champion".[1] During the week of August 15, 2009, Joshua Henderson won second place in the the Junior Pinball Division division at age 11.   Joshua is ranked as a top 100 pinball player in the world as of November 1, 2009, his ranking in the US is 26 and 72 in the world at age 12. Joshua as of May 2010 was ranked 51st in the world after placing 8th in his first IFPA tournament at age 12.

At PAPA 13, August 12-August 15, 2010, at age 12 years old, Joshua Henderson entered both the Junior Division and Class B. He qualified for both tournaments and in the class B division had enought points with one only two of the five machine score entries. Joshua competeted simutaneously between the two divisions running from one ball play to another. Joshua finished PAPA 13 with a second place in Juniors earning him $250 and $50 for being the top qualifier and First Place as a World Pinball Player Class B and earned a 68 pound trophy, and $3,500 first place, making Joshua the YOUNGEST class B world Pinball Champion in PAPA history.

As of November 1, 2010 Joshua Henderson has reached a pinball milestone being ranked as a top 50th ranked pinball player in the world and ranked top 25 in the United States of America at age 13 years old. I want to go to Sweden next year if I am IFPA eligible. As of May 1, 2011 Joshua has reach another milestone at age 13 years old. Joshua is ranked 31th in the world and 14th in the United States. I choice not go to Sweden this year cause he had school, but Joshua is concentrating on qualifying for PAPA Division A this year along with competing in the Juniors. See you at PAPA 14

  • As of November 1, 2011 Joshua Henderson has reached another milestone in

pinball history. Joshua is ranked 13th in the USA and top 25th the pinball player in the world. I finshed 5th at PAPA A this year, and qualified on my first attempt. For 2012 I plan to be sponsered and continue to compete in 2012. I plan to attend the IFPA and most all major events. I want to finsh 2012 as the top 10 player in the USA! I am still playing and having FUN. At some tournaments I choose to participate in non sanctioned events and contests that do not award pinball ranking points however these tournaments which I come in first place at times provide the ability to have fun.

  • As Of April 8, 2012 Joshua is ranked 10th in the USA and Top 18TH Player in the world at age 14 years old, still the youngest ranked top 100 player in the world. Joshua competed against 273 pinball players and finished 5TH at Pinburg a world pinball tournament held in Pittsburg, PA the month of March 2012. I am looking to participating in many world tournaments in the next several months. My goal is a acomplish something majically before the end of this year at a tournament near you.
  • As of September 1, 2012 Joshua was ranked 9th in the USA and 15th Player at the world at age 15 years old. Joshua finished 2nd at Papa 15 just behind Kieth Elwin, and won the Junior World Pinball Championship. I continue to rankup. I look forward to Papa 02:30, October 2, 2012 (UTC)


Tournament results Edit

Tournament Division + placing

Juniors 2nd

PAPA 13 B Division: 1stJunior 2nd

A Division: 5th

Juniors 3 rd

PAPA 15 A Division: 2ndJunior World Pinball Champion: 1st


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