PAPA 11 is an upcoming tournament; it is the eleventh edition of the tournament run by the Professional Amateur Pinball Association, and the fifth held at the PAPA World Headquarters in Scott, Pennsylvania. It will be held August 14-17, 2008.

Changes from previous PAPAs Edit

Changes to the previous format include:

  • No qualifying for major divisions (A, B, C) on Sunday: qualifying will close at the end of play on Saturday.
  • Several entry price and prize package adjustments.
  • Classic finals now use the same format as the semifinal and final rounds of the A-B-C divisions.
  • Qualifying players will be allowed 30-60 second warm-ups on playoff machines.
  • The mini-tournaments are now charity events
  • The doubles split-flipper mini-tournament will now be decided by a final playoff round instead of simply by high score.

Results Edit

The A Division was won by Keith Elwin.

External links Edit

Official site

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