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Edited by Pinjost of Austria

Pindigi owns  one of the biggest pinball collections in Europe  .

The collector’s name Pindigi appeared out of the digital world of Günter Freinberger ,born 1961 near Vienna /Austria . He founded the Hi-Tech company Digi Technologies, had his own broadcasting Digi Hit Radio and now gets good earnings out of Digi Real, only to name a few companies from his multiple collections.

Pindigi (PD) is a collecting extremist; proof for this is his pinball machine collection of a total of about 500 units, which he started only about ten years ago. Nobody knows the exact numbers, because they are changing daily. PD always buys new collectibles and dynamically sells doubles, out of bulk packages bought in the past. About 260 pins of the PD collection are in playable condition and nearly 90 are top restored. This means they are more perfect than a NIB Pin of its time. All metal parts are newly chromed in shiny polish, the playfields are hi gloss painted in multiple layers and buffed up to mirror glaze. All cabinets are screen painted in the original coloured artwork.

His museum-like game room is called Pindigiland, containing in total 35 beauties, especially his “Schatzies” of all decades, playable, in best possible condition. Here you can see a BallyHoo of ’30, Bowling Champ ’40, Sweet Sioux ’50, Beat Time ’60, Capt. Fantastic ’70, Fireball Classic ’80, Addams Family ’90 up to Star Wars ’00 and Elvis of today. To sometimes change the exhibits, trust me, PD has enough stuff.

Asked about how this story will end, Pindigi seems to have a museum like objective: “I want to concentrate my collection on a pinball presentation, focussed on historical milestones from the early 1930ies up to the present.” These Best of Decade pinball machines shall also be decorated with modifications created by his artwork director Adams, the specialist who is restoring the goodies hyper perfectly. “Back to the roots, quality over quantity” is the last, slightly changed, target of PD.

Also Pindigi is a big Fan from the Designer DAVE CHRISTENSEN (Mad Dog ) and Pindigi have all of the machines with DC design from AIR ACES to WIZARD !

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