Party Land is one of the four pinball tables from the Pinball Fantasies pinball simulation game.

Party Land remakeEdit

There is a project of constructing a homebrew real pinball machine based on Party Land. It is a replica made by Felipe Sanches, a computer programmer, and Pinball Fantasies enthusiast. The project is under development and photos can be seen here.

List of Known RecordsEdit

Please, only add records to this list if you can prove it by giving us a link to a screenshot of your record. We hope you dont try to use false screenshots.

  1. BAR 1,116,930,300 (video)
  2. JUC 411.940.440 (Felipe Sanches)
  3. NW 292.501.270 (Unknown - Cracked version Default Record)
  4. JUC 277.430.240
  5. JUC 185.928.390
  6. JCD 122.796.650 (Júlio)
  7. TSP 50.000.000 (The Space Pigs - Game Default)
  8. JCD 43.079.160
  9. JCD 28.715.270