Manufacturer Williams
Release date October 1986
System Williams System 11A
Design Python Anghelo, Barry Oursler
Programming Bill Pfutzenreuter
Artwork Python Anghelo
Mechanics Joe Joos, Jr.
Music Chris Granner
Sound Chris Granner, Bill Parod
Voices Barry Oursler (Pin*Bot)
Production Run 12,001

Pin*Bot is a pinball machine released by Williams in October 1986. It was designed by Python Anghelo and Barry Oursler.


In this pinball game, the player attempts to navigate throughout a representation of the solar system toward the Sun. The first planet is always Pluto. In order to move from planet to planet, the player must knock down three drop targets in quick succession, or hit a specially marked target when it is lit. Each planet reached gives you a 20,000 point bonus at the end of the ball.

At the center of the playfield is a 5 by 5 grid. Lighting up the grid causes a visor to lift, revealing the robot's eye sockets. Locking the first ball makes the robot say "Partial Link-up." Locking balls in both sockets causes the robot to say "Now I see you," after which a bonus multi-ball play begins. Re-locking a ball makes Pin*Bot announce, "Shoot for Solar Value," allowing the player to shoot the free ball up the left ramp to collect a jackpot. The jackpot value increases 50,000 points every time a ball has traveled up the ramp, and carries over from one game to the next until it is collected.

An enhanced simulation was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1990. A simulation of the original Pin*Bot is also playable on Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection.


Pin*Bot was followed by two sequels: The Machine: Bride of Pin*Bot (released in 1991) and Jack*Bot (released in 1995).

In popular cultureEdit

  • The Pin*Bot character appears in the 1988 pinball machine Taxi (created by Anghelo and Mark Ritchie).
  • A Pin*Bot machine appears in the 1988 movie, Big.
  • Several Pin*Bot Machines (labeled as Rik*Dat) appear as throwable weapons in the third stage of the arcade version of The Combatribes

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