The Pinball Expo is an annual pinball show and tournament held in Chicago, Illinois. It was founded and is still run by Rob Berk and Mike Pacak.

It consists of many elements. First is the main show floor, which has anywhere from 75-150 games. The main floor has games for sale, and many parts vendors. The second part is the Flipout Tournament, which is played entirely on the newest pinball machine. The third part is the PinBrawl Team World Championships, run by John 'Koz' Kosmal and Josh Sharpe, the head of the World Pinball Player Rankings. The final part is seminars, which consist of famous people in pinball speaking about their experiences and signing autographs. The main seminar is a banquet, which usually involves a tribute to a pinball legend.

Pinball Expo is one of the leading pinball shows in the world, and continues to grow.

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