PinBrawl! is an annual 4-player team competition which started in 1999. It's tournament directors are Josh Sharpe and John Kozmal, and it is currently on hiatus as it seems a new home.

History Edit

The first Pinbrawl was a one-off tournament organized by Robert Chesnavich of the Steel City Pinball Association against the Columbus Pinball Association, held in January of 1999. At Pinball Expo '99 the event was handed over to Josh Sharpe and John Kozmal, where it took the 4-player format it would keep until its last occurrence, Pinbrawl IX at Pinball Expo 2007.

Format Edit

The tournament format is a 4-player team event, with teams chosen by the players. Since this naturally results in widely varying skill levels, teams are placed in initial seeding brackets by the tournament organizers based upon their perceived strength. Teams then play against each other in a set of three games, with the individual games consisting of two pairs of players from each team squaring off against two pairs of players from the other.

Beyond that the rules have adjusted over time, but generally follow an elimination style format, though some editions of the event have had all teams playing a fixed minimum number of matches.

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Pinbrawl home page

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