Space Shuttle was a space themed pinball machine made in 1984 by WMS Industries. The table sold 7,000 units. The concept of the game was done by Joe Kaminkow. The designers were Barry Oursler and Joe Kaminkow. The art was done by Mark Sprenger, the sound by Eugene Jarvis, and the software was done by Larry DeMar.

It has been considered by many in the hobby, and industry, to be the pinball game that renewed interest in pinball after the video craze swept the world in the early 1980s.[citation needed]


In Space Shuttle the main goal is to spell out SHUTTLE by hitting five stand up targets and one drop target. Once you spell SHUTTLE out you can get a reward of either a bonus holdover, an extra ball, a special, or 100,000 points. The shuttle value is random, and changes with each new ball. It can also be changed by hitting a stand up target, at the top of a short ramp. In Space Shuttle there are three lights that have letters on them that spell out USA that are lit when a ball rolls over them. They are worth 2,000 points each. Spelling USA increased the end of ball bonus multiplier( a multiplication factor for points earned and awarded when the ball in play drains). There are three jet bumpers that are worth 100 points when unlit and 1,000 points when lit. In the game you can start two or three ball multiball by hitting one ball up a ball lock or two balls up two different ball locks and then shooting a ball up the center ramp where the plastic model of a space shuttle is. Hitting the main space shuttle ramp awards a random point award.

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Space Shuttle was a playable table in Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection.

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The fastest way to make your earnings really take off!

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