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The Stockholm Open international pinball tournament is one of the six majors in the world, and it is open to anyone regardless of skill or citizenship. It is an annual tournament at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, and there are divisions for A players, classics, juniors and split flipper teams. Stockholm Open started in 2004 with only Swedish players, and expanded in 2005 into a big international tournament. Together with the Dutch Pinball Open (DPO) and European Pinball Championships (EPC) it is one of the three European major tournaments of the World Pinball Player Rankings (WPPR) system. The tournament is organized by Stockholm Pinball.

Tournament ResultsEdit

  • 2004
  1. Fredrik Lindberg
  2. Mats Runsten
  3. Stefan Andersson
  4. Patrik Bodin
  • 2005
Main Tournament
  1. Stefan Andersson
  2. Jörgen Holm
  3. Fredrik Lindberg
  4. Peter van den Bergh
  1. Jörgen Holm
  2. Antti Peltonen
  3. Chris Newsom
  1. Magnus Rostö and Jörgen Boström
  • 2006
Main Tournament
  1. Fredrik Lindberg
  2. Jörgen Holm
  3. Patrik Bodin
  4. Karl Broström
  1. Antti Peltonen
  2. Jörgen Holm
  3. Linus Jorenbo
  1. Paul Jongma and Albert Nomden
  2. Lars Pettersson and David Kjellberg
  3. Mats Runsten and Mikael Telerud
  4. Jörgen Holm and Jorian Engelbrektsson
  • 2007
Main Tournament
  1. Mats Runsten
  2. Fredrik Lindberg
  3. Helena Walter
  4. Per Holknekt
  1. Mats Runsten
  2. Patrik Bodin
  3. Martin Tiljander
  4. Dan Hagman
  1. Jorian Engelbrektsson and Jörgen Holm
  2. Patrik Bodin and Stefan Andersson
  3. Paul Jongma and Albert Nomden
  4. Fredrik Lindberg and Per Holknekt
  • 2008
Main Tournament
  1. Paul Jongma
  2. Karl Broström
  3. Per Ahlenius
  4. Jörgen Holm
  1. Leif Spångberg
  2. Trent Augenstein
  3. Fredrik Lindberg
  4. Morgan Dungmark
  1. Karl Broström and Alvar Palm
  2. Per Holknekt and Linus Jorenbo
  3. Magnus Rostö and Jörgen Boström
  4. Mats Runsten and Mikael Telerud
  1. Selatin Yildis
  2. Hoda Lamari
  3. Ibrahim El Chammas
  4. Jacob Steggos
Parallel Pinball (Linked NBA Machines)
  1. Linus Jorenbo
  2. Trent Augenstein
  3. Patrik Bodin / Fredrik Malmqvist
  • 2009
Main Tournament
  1. Jorian Engelbrektsson
  2. Taco Wouters
  3. Lars Blomgren
  4. Patrik Bodin
  1. Olli-Mikko Ojamies
  2. Taco Wouters
  3. Henrik Hultin
  4. Harald Jönsson
  1. Michael Lindström and Fredrik Malmqvist
  2. Karl Broström and Per-Olof Romell
  3. Harald Jönsson and Patrik Lindberg
  4. Paul Jongma and Albert Nomden

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