The Texas Pinball Festival occurs in Grapevine, Texas, annualy, besides a one-year hiatus in 2006.

Tournament Results Edit


  • Wizard Tournament - Chris Newsom
  • Team Tournament - Chris Newsom and Paul McGlone
  • Pajama/Toga Tournament - Paul McGlone
  • Electromechanical Tournament - Trent Augenstein
  • One Handed Tournament - Paul McGlone
  • Draw Your Partner Tournament - Chris Newsom and Andrea Maleck
  • Parent/Child Tournament - Leon and Preston Moncla
  • Kids Tournament - David Keathley



  • Wizard Tournament - Jim Belsito
  • Team Tournament - Trent Augenstein and Jim Belsito
  • Electromechanical Tournament - Mark Beardsley
  • Draw Your Partner Tournament - Jim Belsito and Cody Chunn
  • Parent/Child Tournament - Mark and Kevin Beardsley
  • Kids Tournament - Eric Sanchez


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