The Simpsons Pinball Party
Manufacturer Stern
System Sega/Stern Whitestar
Designer Designers: Keith Johnson, Joe Balcer
Artwork: Kevin O'Connor, Margaret Hudson
Dots/Animation: Mark Galvez
Mechanics: Wesley Chang, Ray Tanzer
Music: Dan Forden
Sound: Chris Granner
Software: Keith Johnson, Dwight Sullivan
Release Date February 14, 2003
Production Run  ?

The Simpsons Pinball Party is a pinball machine produced by Stern. It is the second pinball machine to be based on the TV series The Simpsons, the first being Data East's The Simpsons

The Simpsons Pinball Party Rule SheetEdit

Click Here for the IPDB rule sheet by Bowen Kerins

The Simpsons Pinball Party is famous for its extremely hard-to-reach wizard mode, the Super Duper Mega Extreme Wizard Mode. There are very few players in the world who have reached it. Even some of the world's best have failed to accomplish it. Bowen Kerins is the only player known to get SDMEWM very often.

Reaching SDMEWM consists of six tasks:

  • Collecting 5 Super Jackpots: The super jackpot is achieved by hitting the couch shot on the upper playfield during regular multiball.
  • Completing Alien Invasion: To light Alien Invasion, the player must start all the modes, and have them time out. The modes are lit by the right orbit, and started by hitting the TV shot on the upper playfield. During Alien Invasion, the player is given a time amount to complete it. Two balls are given, and they must be locked in any shot that can catch balls. Once this is achieved, another ball is added, and time is added. The player must lock all three balls. This happens again, and the player must lock 4 balls. The last time, the player must lock all 5 balls to vanquish all the Aliens. If the player drains a ball, the number of balls to lock goes back down to the previous level. If at any time during Alien Invasion, the clock runs out or the player has only one ball left, the mode ends, and the player must play all the modes again to relight it.
  • Daredevil Mania: This is considered the easiest of the 6 tasks. The player must hit the Daredevil Bart shot to start Daredevil modes. The four modes are Daredevil Ramps, Daredevil Bumpers, Daredevil Targets, and Daredevil Loops. The player must hit those shots, and get the value of all four modes to 1 million. Once this happens, the Daredevil shot is lit for Daredevil Mania. It is advised that the player starts a multiball before this, because they must earn 5 million points from the loops, bumpers, targets, and ramps to complete it.
  • Scratchy's Revenge: On the lower right, there is a bank of three drop targets with a hole behind them. To start Itchy & Scratchy multiball, the player has to clear the targets, hit the hole behind them, clear the targets again, and hit the hole. Itchy & Scratchy Multiball must be played four times, then the hole is lit for Scratchy's Revenge. This is a multiball where the player must hit all of the shots on the playfield, then hit the Itchy & Scratchy hole to complete the mode.
  • Springfield Mystery Spot: The shot to the right of the garage is the Otto shot. It is lit by hitting the Otto target in front of the bumpers. Those two shot must be alternated to light each 2x shot on the playfield. Once that is completed, the Otto shot lights for 'Springfield Mystery Spot.' In this multiball, the right flipper button controls the left flipper and vice versa. It is recommended that the player crosses their arms. All the major shots on the playfield must be hit to complete this mode.
  • Secret Stash: The Comic Book Guy target below the left ramp lights hurry-up shots all over the playfield for a limited amount of time. Once all the shots have been completed, the target lights for Secret Stash. During this mode, all the hurry up shots are lit, and the player has to collect a number of shots. The shots are relit by the Comic Book Guy target. It is recommended that the player starts a multiball before this mode starts.
  • Wizard Mode: Once all those tasks are completed, all the shots on the playfield that catch the ball are lit for Super Duper Mega Extreme Wizard Mode. Wizard Mode is a 5-ball multiball, during which:
Bumpers are 25,000, and spinner spins are 50,000.
All shots are lit for Jackpot, beginning at 500,000 and growing 50,000 on each travel down the Monorail.
Completing either bank of targets (Bully or Itchy & Scratchy) lights a strobing shot for two different types of Super Jackpot, worth 5x the regular Jackpot.
Locking a ball in the Couch multiplies Super Jackpots for about 20 seconds or so -- a timer will count down from 99, but it counts very quickly.  The first lock doubles all Super Jackpots.  A second lock before the countdown ends triples them.
Wizard Mode ends when 1 ball is left.

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